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Iberodorcadion, Cerambycidae, Coleoptera

Trip reports of the Hungarian Natural History Museum

17 Novembre 2012, 20:21pm

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Coleoptera Collection of the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Department of Zoology


Trip reports 





2010.V-VI. SYRIA


2011.VI.10-14. CROATIA


2012.VI - VII., GREECE


As the summer has come, we continued our beetle collector adventures in Greece. The team was almost the same, with Attila and András, but now my girlfriend, Petra also joined us. A trip like this is very hard for a woman, but she was smart and assiduous, and helped us a lot in catching beetles. This time we planned a shorter and more comfortable, really summer trip in the northern and central part of Greece. But finally, we travelled 4000 kms again, so it was not a relaxing holiday. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny, except one or two rainy afternoons in the higher mountains. However, the heat made the collecting much harder, and some places were already desert-like.

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polis 18/08/2013 14:23


VI.2013., Pilisborosjenő

I had no definite plans for that weekend, so just went for a walk outside with my girlfriend, Petra to a hill called Köves-bérc at Pilisborosjenő to
take as many pictures of common species as possible. I was familiar with the loessy landscape on the way to the acidophilous oak forest because I have made this trip many times before walking my
dog there. The weather was nice and we were just hanging around, carrying my camera and tripod from flower to flower. Then I started collecting a bit more intensively and the day took a complete
180 degree turn. Weary of being questioned by my beating tray, trees and shrubs finally began to reveal details. An ordinary trip turned out to be one of the most successful collecting trips of
the year.



michal 02/12/2012 20:46

CERAMBYCIDAE.EU  http://www.cerambycidae.eu/

 Trip reports   Michal Holom?ík


4 Dorcadion decipiens

3 Budapešť

4 Slovinsko / Chorvatsko

4 Maďarsko

5 Toulky jižní Moravou

5 Dorcadion cervae

9 Sedlec

4 Pouzdřany

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