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Iberodorcadion, Cerambycidae, Coleoptera

D.pedestre - Republica Checa

29 Novembre 2006, 18:31pm

Publié par Arqcerambyx

Weather was really not ideal during this weekend - cold wind, showers, sunshine limited only - but Palava hills are beautiful always and under all circumstances. Steppes and meadows were covered by irises, pheasant's eyes (Adonis vernalis) and other spring flowers. I saw lot of my six-leggy darlings, steppe long-horn beetles from Dorcadion genus,



 it's name I am using as the geo-nickname. We started the cache hunt in Mikulov, our route led us over Turold and Stolova hora. This trail offers bunch of magnificent panoramic vistas. Cache coordinates reached without problems and after some fuzzy running around we were successful. Thanx for a great experience!

Dorcadion & Hanka, Eva, Jarka

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Arqcerambyx 20/04/2009 20:25

Les cahiers Magellanes
N°5: Review of subspecific structure of Dorcadion (s.str) glicyrrhizae
N°10: Subspecific structure of Dorcadion (Dchungarodorcadion)semenovi Ganglbauer
N°33: Review of Eodorcadion Breuning, 1946 of «Intermedium-group» from Mongolia & China
S. Krejcík - Cerambycidae tesaríkovití
 Pedestredorcadion scopolii           Pedestredorcadion pedestre         Stanislav Krejcík  - Cerambycidae tesaríkovití   http://www.meloidae.com/datacol/cerambycidae.html   
Kózkowate Cerambycidae - Polski (J. Kurzawa)
Kózkowate Cerambycidae - Polski  (Jacek Kurzawa)  http://www.entomo.bai.pl/cerambycidae/index.php