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Iberodorcadion, Cerambycidae, Coleoptera

BREUNING, S. (1962) Revision der Dorcadionini

6 Mai 2016, 08:38am

Publié par Arqcerambyx

BREUNING, S. (1962) Revision der Dorcadionini,

Entom. Abh. Mus. Tierk, Dresden, t. 27, pp.536-635

D.(I.) amori (Marseuil, 1856) 
D.(I.) segurense (Escalera, 1911)
D.(I.) ceballosi (Breuning, 1948)
D.(I.) steparium (Escalera, 1900)
D.(I.) iserni (Pérez-Arcas, 1868)
D.(I.) lorquini (Fairmaire, 1855)
D.(I.) marmottani (Escalera, 1900)
D.(I.) escalerai (Pic, 1900)
D.(I.) mus (Rosenhauer, 1856)
D.(I.) atlantis (Bedel, 1921)
D.(I.) quadrifuscovittatum (Breuning, 1947)
D.(I.) lusitanicum (Chevrolat, 1840)
D.(I.) carinicolle (Breuning, 1958)
D.(I.) andalusiacum (Breuning, 1962)
D.(I.) basigranosum (Breuning, 1943)
D.(I.) suturaloide (Breuning, 1938)
D.(I.) mucidum (Dalman, 1817)
D.(I.) evorense (Breuning, 1943)
D.(I.) parmeniforme (Escalera, 1902)
D.(I.) spinolae (Dalman, 1817)
D.(I.) caunense (Lauffer, 1910)
D.(I.) seoanei (Graells, 1858)
      ssp. cabrerense (Breuning, 1956)
      ssp. kricheldorffi (Pic, 1910)
      ssp. suturelevatum (Breuning, 1956)
D.(I.) brannani (Schaufuss, 1870)
D.(I.) lategriseovittatum (Breuning, 1947)
D.(I.) castilianum (Chevrolat, 1862)
D.(I.) fuentei (Pic, 1899)
      ssp. bouvieri (Escalera, 1900)
D.(I.) ferdinandi (Escalera, 1900)
D.(I.) bolivari (Lauffer, 1898)
D.(I.) korbi (Ganglbauer, 1884)
D.(I.) terolense (Escalera, 1902)
      ssp. albarium (Escalera, 1902)
      ssp. regulipenne (Breuning, 1947)
D.(I.) albicans (Chevrolat, 1862)
      ssp. palentinum (Escalera, 1911)
D.(I.) lainzi (Breuning, 1956)
D.(I.) demandense (Escalera, 1902)
D.(I.) abulense (Lauffer, 1902)
D.(I.) granulipenne (Escalera, 1908)
D.(I.) vanhoegaerdeni  (Breuning, 1956)
D.(I.) puncticolle  (Breuning, 1944)
D.(I.) nudipenne  (Escalera, 1908)
D.(I.) seguntianum (Daniel, 1898)
      ssp. intermedium (Escalera, 1902)
D.(I.) subtricolor  (Breuning, 1958)
D.(I.) zarcoi (Schramm, 1910)
D.(I.) neilense (Escalera, 1902)
D.(I.) perezi (Graells, 1849)
D.(I.) ghiliani (Chevrolat, 1862)
D.(I.) hispanicum (Mulsant, 1851)
D.(I.) segovianum (Chevrolat, 1862)
      ssp. tornavacense (Lauffer, 1911)
      ssp. castanarense (Breuning, 1948)
D.(I.) dejeani (Chevrolat, 1862)
      ssp. francianum (Breuning, 1956)
D.(I.)  graellsi (Graëlls, 1858)
      ssp. longipenne (Chevrolat, 1862)
      ssp. villatorense (Breuning, 1962)      
      ssp. cinereum (Escalera, 1901)
D.(I.) martinezi (Pérez-Arcas, 1874)
D.(I.) uhagoni (Pérez-Arcas, 1868)
D.(I.) lacunosum (Escalera, 1908)
D.(I.) becerrae (Lauffer, 1901)
      ssp. pulvipenne (Escalera, 1908)
D.(I.) paradoxum (Escalera, 1908)
D.(I.) espanoli (Breuning, 1956)
D.(I.) circumcinctum (Chevrolat, 1862)
      ssp. arandae (Schramm, 1911)
      ssp. ariasi (Chevrolat, 1862)
D.(I.) heydenii (Kraatz, 1870)
D.(I.) mosqueruelense (Escalera, 1902)
D.(I.) pseudomolitor  (Escalera, 1902)
D.(I.) molitor (Fabricius, 1775)
D.(I.) turdetanum (Lauffer, 1911)
D.(I.) navasi  (Escalera, 1900)
D.(I.) internelineatum  (Pic, 1910)
D.(I.) fuliginator (Linné, 1758)
      ssp. obesum (Gautier, 1870)
      ssp. meridionale (Mulsant, 1839) 
      ssp. andianum (Pic, 1917)


BREUNING, S. (1943)  Beitrag zur wertung der genschlenchtsorgane für die systematik

Nueva Revisión y sinonimia subgéneros  












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Pierre 07/10/2016 21:20

BREUNING S. (1984) Notice autobiographique & Liste des publications. Bulletin de la Société des Sciences Naturelles, Venette-Compiègne 41 : 1-17

Téocchi, P. (1984) In Memoriam Stephan von Breuning (1894-1983). Bulletin de la Société Entomologique de Mulhouse p. 16

forumentomol 12/02/2013 20:41

in Forum Entomologi Italiani


As I have written already (also in this forum) I do not accept the synonymy Cribridorcadion = Pedestredorcadion. This is the text prepared for my book in preparation.
"I do not share the systematics of Dorcadionini proposed by Danilevsky, Kasatkin & Rubenian (2005), and adopted by Danilevsky in the Catalogue of Löbl & Smetana (2010), since based on
a single character (endophallus everted and inflated), not supported by any further morphological character and which, also based on its interspecific variability, must be regarded of specific
value. Moreover, the mentioned study only covers a small part of taxa known to belong to the tribe: 127 species examined of about 440 which means less then 30% (less than 10% of 75 taxa from
Iberian Peninsula were dissected); therefore, the mentioned study should be regarded as not exhaustive and the results not definitive. Cribridorcadion was described as a subgenus of Dorcadion
based on a single distinctive species and it has always been regarded as a monospecific subgenus. Pedestredorcadion includes hundreds of quite heterogeneous taxa which should be reviewed on the
basis of different morphological characters. Danilevsky & al. (2005) synonymized Pedestredorcadion with Cribridorcadion not taking into consideration any other character such as, for example,
the shape of the endophallus sclerites (Figs. 233 – 238, 240) or the female genitalia (Figs. 240, 241) whose study could offer a rather different systematics. See, for example, D. cephalotes
Jakovlev, 1889, which is regarded by Danilevsky & al. (2005) as Dorcadion s. str. but which, based on the shape of the endophallus sclerites (Fig. 235 G), cannot be distinguished from the
species listed by the same authors under the subgenus Acutodorcadion Danilevsky, Kasatkin & Rubenian, 2005 (Figs. 236 A – E)."
This opinion (my opinion) is shared by Pesarini who (in an article in print) accepts both Cribridorcadion and Pedestredorcadion as subgenera of Dorcadion. To be noted that Danilevsky herself,
changed idea and, in the mentioned Catalogue, regarded Acutodorcadion, introduced in mentioned paper (Danilevsky & alii, 2005), as a synonym of Dorcadion s.str. I also cannot accept
Iberodorcadion as a separate genus (and Baeticodorcadion and Hispanodorcadion as subgenera).
Bye.         Gianfranco Sama

Dorcadion Dalman, 1817 is a large genus which represents about 21% of the European cerambycid fauna, increasing to 40% if all species of Iberodorcadion Breuning, 1943 (regarded by some
authors as a Dorcadion subgenus)..

in Sama, G; Dascalu, MM; Pesarini, C (2010) Description of Dorcadion gashtarovi n.sp.(Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) from Romania and Bulgaria

remarks 11/02/2013 18:53

Danilevsky  2013 - Cerambycidae Europe Remarks

#194. According to Vives (2000, 2001), I. ferdinandi is I.(Baeticodorcadion), but according to Romero Samper (2002), it is I.(Hispanodorcadion).

#195. A.Villiers (1978) treated Iberodorcadion (=  Baeticodorcadion = Hispanodorcadion) as a  subgenus of Dorcadion. Such position was recently supported by M.Tomé (2002).

#322   According to Y. Bousquet (2008):
1. The type species of  Dorcadion  Dalman (in Schönherr 1817: 397–401) was first designated by Blanchard (1841: pl. 68) as Cerambyx fuliginator Linnaeus, 1758. The case should be
referred to the Commission for a ruling (ICZN 1999, Art. 70.2)  to suppress Blanchard’s designation. Meanwhile Cerambyx glicyrrhizae Pallas, 1773 as designated by Thomson (1864: 43) should
be retained as type
species of the genus.

#378   According to Saz (2011a),  Iberodorcadion circumcinctum circumcinctum (Chevrolat, 1862) =  Dorcadion ariasi Chevrolat, 1862, syn. nov. Iberodorcadion circumcinctum
tenuecinctum (Pic, 1898) is  a valid name.

boldsys 11/03/2011 22:01



Source:  BOLD Systems - Taxonomy Browser


  Species (58)

Iberodorcadion abulense [8]

Iberodorcadion aguadoi [9]

Iberodorcadion albicans [5]

Iberodorcadion albicans ssp. demandense [6]

Iberodorcadion amorii [2]

Iberodorcadion amorii amori [2]

Iberodorcadion amorii segurense [2]

Iberodorcadion aries [3]

Iberodorcadion atlantis [3]

Iberodorcadion becerrae [2]

Iberodorcadion bolivari [2]

Iberodorcadion brannani [3]

Iberodorcadion castilianum [4]

Iberodorcadion castilianum var. ardoisi [2]

Iberodorcadion circumcinctum [1]

Iberodorcadion coelloi [3]

Iberodorcadion ferdinandi [3]

Iberodorcadion fuentei [4]

Iberodorcadion fuliginator [6]

Iberodorcadion fuliginator ssp. andianum [2]

Iberodorcadion ghilianii [4]

Iberodorcadion graellsii [8]

Iberodorcadion grisescens [2]

Iberodorcadion grustani [1]

Iberodorcadion heydenii [3]

Iberodorcadion hispanicum [2]

Iberodorcadion isernii [7]

Iberodorcadion korbi [2]

Iberodorcadion lainzgalloi [5]

Iberodorcadion lorquinii [2]

Iberodorcadion lusitanicum [1]

Iberodorcadion marinae [2]

Iberodorcadion marmottani [2]

Iberodorcadion martinezii [3]

Iberodorcadion molitor [2]

Iberodorcadion molitor navasi [1]

Iberodorcadion mosqueruelense [3]

Iberodorcadion mucidum [6]

Iberodorcadion mus [3]

Iberodorcadion neilense [6]

Iberodorcadion nigrosparsum [2]

Iberodorcadion nudipenne [17]

Iberodorcadion perezi [9]

Iberodorcadion pseudomolitor [3]

Iberodorcadion pseudomolitor var. nigritulus [2]

Iberodorcadion segovianum [3]

Iberodorcadion segovianum ssp dejeanii [6]

Iberodorcadion seguntianum [5]

Iberodorcadion seoanei [3]

Iberodorcadion seoanei ssp kricheldorffi [4]

Iberodorcadion spinolae [1]

Iberodorcadion spinolae ssp caunense [2]

Iberodorcadion suturale [1]

Iberodorcadion terolense [3]

Iberodorcadion uhagonii [2]

Iberodorcadion vanhoegaerdeni [2]

Iberodorcadion zarcoi [3]

Iberodorcadion zenete [5]


Iberodorcadion nudipenne

bilolib 12/10/2010 19:47

Dorcadion Dalman, 1817

Subordinated taxa

subgenus Acutodorcadion Danilevsky, Kasatkin & Rubenian, 2004

subgenus Carinatodorcadion Breuning, 1943

subgenus Cribridorcadion Pic, 1901

subgenus Dorcadion Dalman, 1817

subgenus Iberodorcadion Breuning, 1943

subgenus Maculatodorcadion Breuning, 1942

subgenus Politodorcadion Danilevsky, 1996

Source:  Biolib http://www.biolib.cz/en/taxon/id11302/

Iberodorcadion Breuning, 1943

species Dorcadion abulense Lauffer, 1902

species Dorcadion aguadoi Aguado & Tomé, 2000

species Dorcadion albicans Chevrolat, 1862

species Dorcadion almarzense Escalera, 1902

species Dorcadion amorii Marseuil, 1856

species Dorcadion andalusiacum Breuning, 1962

species Dorcadion aries Tomé & Berger, 1999

species Dorcadion atlantis Bedel, 1921

species Dorcadion basigranosum Breuning, 1943

species Dorcadion becerrae Lauffer, 1901

species Dorcadion bolivari Lauffer, 1898

species Dorcadion brannani Schaufuss, 1870

species Dorcadion castilianum Chevrolat, 1862

species Dorcadion circumcinctum Chevrolat, 1862

species Dorcadion curtecostatum Pic, 1941

species Dorcadion espanoli Breuning, 1956

species Dorcadion ferdinandi Escalera, 1900

species Dorcadion fuentei Pic, 1899

species Dorcadion fuliginator (Linnaeus, 1758)
species Dorcadion graellsii Graells, 1858

species Dorcadion grisescens Escalera, 1900

species Dorcadion grustani Gonzales, 1992

species Dorcadion heydeni Kraatz, 1870

species Dorcadion isernii Perez-Arcas, 1868

species Dorcadion korbi Ganglbauer, 1884

species Dorcadion lorquinii Fairmaire, 1855
species Dorcadion lusitanicum Chevrolat, 1840

species Dorcadion marmottani Escalera, 1900

species Dorcadion martinezii Perez-Arcas, 1874

species Dorcadion molitor (Fabricius, 1775)

species Dorcadion mosqueruelense Escalera, 1902

species Dorcadion mucidum Dalman, 1817

species Dorcadion mus Rosenhauer, 1856

species Dorcadion neilense Escalera, 1902

species Dorcadion perezi Graells, 1849

species Dorcadion pseudomolitor Escalera, 1902

species Dorcadion puncticolle Breuning, 1944

species Dorcadion segovianum Chevrolat, 1862

species Dorcadion seguntianum K. Daniel, 1899

species Dorcadion seoanei Graells, 1858

species Dorcadion spinolae Dalman, 1817

species Dorcadion suturale Chevrolat, 1862

species Dorcadion terolense Escalera, 1902

species Dorcadion uhagonii Perez-Arcas, 1868

species Dorcadion vanhoegaerdeni Breuning, 1956

species Dorcadion zarcoi Schramm, 1910